About Us

Bootle Tool Shed was set up to meet the needs of the ever growing group of men aged 50+ who live/work/visit in the Bootle area. Although our target group is older men we welcome any age or gender to get involved.  We are affiliated to and members of the UK Men’s Sheds Association

Our People

We are entirely run by our devoted volunteers – here’s a few of the team

Eddy Flynn – Shed Founder / Manager

Our Board of Trustees –
Eddy Flynn, Mandy Lewtas, Wendy Flynn, Ali Horton,
Gill Cowley, Tom Traynor, Paula Coppell

Aims and Objectives

There have been a number of studies done in recent years on the effects of social isolation on this group in particular, and these studies show the need for social groups to be set up around a common interest and that’s what we aim to do here.  Men generally find it more difficult to re-engage with those around them when they retire/are made redundant or if a marriage/relationship breaks down, or if they even become widowed. At Bootle Tool Shed we want to try to encourage a mix of generations as studies have shown that the skill sharing of these mixed age groups is a great benefit to all. 

” When I first came to the Tool Shed I was very depressed. Being here has brought me out of myself -and without the Tool Shed and the people that attend it – I don’t know what state I would fall back into… ”

” Having retired from full time work and moved back to Litherland after 34 years I had few local friends, I missed the camaraderie of workmates which soon changed after making new colleagues at Bootle Tool Shed. I wanted the opportunity of learning new skills and sharing my own skills with others while being in a relaxed environment, not having deadlines to meet or standards to live up to. I have over the last 10 months met some friendly and supportive people who are like-minded about completing tasks to the best of their ability, at their own pace without feeling judged by anyone else.”

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